2014, the year of Octavio Paz

2014 is the year of Octavio Paz, winner of Nobel Prize of Literature in 1990.


The Mexican senate proclaimed this year as the year of Octavio Paz because it’s the celebration of his centenary.

And not only in Mexico (The native country of Octavio Paz) but also in Spain and many other countries around the world will celebrate the centenary of Octavio Paz.

Many tributes, cultural activities and reading aloud gatherings dedicated to the many great works of Octavio Paz will be celebrated in many different cities of Mexico and also around the world.

Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, President of the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) announced that Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Madrid, Paris, London, Tokyo, Barcelona and Río de Janeiro will commemorate the 100 years of Octavio Paz.

Jose Carreno Carlon, general director of “the Fondo de Cultura Economica” (FCE), announced many different activities for the celebration of the 100 years of Octavio Paz such as the inauguration of the second floor of the the “Octavio Paz” library in Mexico City.

Throughout the celebration there will be reading aloud with participation of the public in general, photographic exhibitions, instrumental and choral music, exhibitions of first editions of all of the books of Octavio Paz and a multitude of activities more, all free and access for all.

And in March 27, there is going to be a great intelectual meeting with many famous intelectuals of Mexico and also from many other countries to talk about Octavio Paz, his literature, art, life and legacy to the world.

For more information, you can visit the offical site dedicated to the 100 years of Octavio Paz:



An image of Mexican poet Octavio Paz, winner of the Nobel Prize of literature in 1990.
Celebrating the life, literature and legacy of Octavio Paz!
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