Feliz Cumpleaños, Happy Birthday, Eduardo Lizalde!

“The tiger is a fascinating figure from biblical times to the current stage and I do not think that there is a writer who has not ever mentioned the tiger. The Tiger is the image of the death, destruction, and in addition, beauty; this is just a metaphorical instrument.” Eduardo Lizalde.

July 14 was the birthday of our beloved and admired mexican poet Eduardo Lizalde!
His nickname is “The Tiger” because of the recurrent appearance of this animal in his poetic works, written under the influence of Jorge Luis Borges and William Blake, but also by his readings of certain children’s stories of Kipling and Salgari.
Besides of being a brilliant poet, Eduardo Lizalde is also a great enthusiast of the opera and years ago he had a special program named “100 years of Opera in Mexico” in Canal 22 and he also wrote, under the pseudonym of “Enesimo Nemo” many articles about his memories and love for Opera in different newspapers and cultural magazines and years later, to rescue his Opera memories from the old Opera memories that Eduardo Lizalde wrote in these articles, the special investigator Edgar Ceballos gathered in a compilation in the book tiltled as “The Opera Today, yesterday and always: an anthology of Opera chronicles by Eduardo Lizalde”. In this delightful book, in which I had the fortune of reading, the different and rich opinions of Eduardo Lizalde about Opera and about many legends, from Ramon Vinay, Titta Ruffo, and Maria Callas, to, Placido Domingo and Samuel Ramey and also about his Opera travels around the world, Bayreuth, the MET, la Scala…and also about the moments when Maria Callas performed in Mexico.
He was also a host (along with the great erudite and scholar Ernesto de la Peña, with whom he had a great friendship) of the also excellent program “Operomania”, in TV UNAM channel, in which both talked about their favorite Operas and also about the history of Opera.
Together, Eduardo Lizalde and Ernesto de la Peña, had beautiful programs in which they commented famous operas such as “The Marriage of Figaro”, “The Flying Dutchman”, “Don Giovanni”, “William Tell”, “Fidelio”, “Andrea Chenier”, “The Tales of Hoffman”, “Don Carlo”, “Eugene Onegin” and the “Wagner’s Ring Cycle”.
Eduardo Lizalde studied singing, composition and lyrics at the night school of the “Conservatorio Nacional” at the same time when he was studying literature in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the UNAM.
And in the words of Ernesto de la Peña, one of the best and most beautiful poems of Eduardo Lizalde is “Third Tenochtitlán”.
Apart from the opera, Eduardo Lizalde is fond of good wine and cheese. 😉
Eduardo Lizalde was recently awarded this year with the “Carlos Fuentes International Literature Prize” and he is considered as “The most important living Poet of Mexico”.
(Fun trivia, Eduardo Lizalde is also known as a “Tiger” not only becase of his poems but also because of his passionate “hunting” for great Opera recordings and albums” )

Feliz Cumpleaños, Eduardo Lizalde!

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