Celebrating Pablo Neruda!

“Sólo con una ardiente paciencia conquistaremos la espléndida ciudad que dará luz, justicia y dignidad a todos los hombres. Así la poesía no habrá cantado en vano” Pablo Neruda
(“Only with a burning patience will conquer the splendid City which will give light, justice and dignity to all men. The poetry will not be sung in vain”)

Celebrating Pablo Neruda!

On this day, Pablo Neruda, the greatest poet of XX century (in words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971, was born in Chile, back in 1904.
His real name was Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto (I’m glad that he changed his name, whew! ) ) and he took as a pseudonym “Neruda” in tribute of the Czech poet Jan Neruda. He changed his name because his father didn’t want him to become a poet.
Indeed, Pablo Neruda gave a huge legacy to the world of literature and the also great Harold Bloom added Pablo Neruda as one of the 26 writers central to the Western tradition in his very famous book “The Western Canon”.
It will take long to mention all of Neruda’s works, among them his collection of poems “Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair”.
My favorite work of Pablo Neruda is “Canto General” which is, in my opinion, a monument and the greatest legacy for the poetry of Latin America.
And yes, there is a link of Pablo Neruda to the Opera! Pablo Neruda inspired Chilean author Antonio Skarmeta’s novel “Ardient Paciencia” in which later inspired the film adaptation of the famous Italian film “Il Postino” (Neruda’s Postman) and years later, Mexican composer, Daniel Catan composed the Operatic version with Placido Domingo playing the role of Pablo Neruda.
Recently I had the pleasure of watching a new film about him, “Neruda” which was nominated for the Golden Globe of Best foreign film.

Remembering the great Pablo Neruda in his Birthday Anniversary.

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