Eugene Onegin MET in HD

OH MY!!! OH MY!!!!!! My heart  in last Saturday, April 22 was in joy and happiness after the glorious HD of Eugene Onegin!!!!
I was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!
I still can’t believe what I saw last Saturday, April 22…. it was beyond of beautiful, of incredible and poetical! It was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!
Last Saturday’s Live in HD of Eugene Onegin was was so special for me for many, many reasons, as many know, Stefan Kocan is one of my personal favorites, he is my favorite and also the greatest Bass of Opera of today and he shined like a true star in the sky with his beautiful performance as Gremin! Another reason that this HD is so special for me is because “Eugene Onegin” is one of my personal, all time, favorite Operas, it is an Opera which I always treasured, because of the poetical music and arias, quartets and Eugene Onegin makes me feel so thankful for loving Opera, Last Saturday’s HD of Eugene Onegin was a perfect example of what true beauty is and that separates it from the ugly things of the world.
What else can I say about the exquisite quartet of Madame Larina, Filippyevna, Olga and Tatyana at the beginning and also the glorious peasants chorus which makes me feel so happy and always wants me to dance and sing along with them? Also the quartets of Onegin, Tatyana, Olga and Lensky, Tatyana’s famous and beautiful “Letter aria” which is a moment that gives me lots of goosebumps? And Onegin’s answer, so cruel and yet with lots of beauty in the singing and in the music…. how can aria be cruel and musically beautiful at the same time? Only a genius like Tchaikovsky could do that!  
And the also glorious and famous Waltz in Tatyana’s name party which at the beginning is full of happiness and it ends tragically… the chorus singing with joy at the beginning of the Waltz and they end with concern, sadness and pain because of Lenky and Onegin’s confrontation in the party… a moment that is full of incomparable strong drama and the chorus, the music, and the entire singing from the cast made is so perfectly beautiful!
And Lenky’s haunting aria…. “Kuda, Kuda”, which is one of my all time personal favorite arias for a Tenor…. it is so haunting and it also breaks me . Kuda, Kuda is one of the most beautifully, dramatically arias ever full with beauty and tragedy. Lenky’s and Onegin’s duet before the duel also breaks me and I have no words to describe the beauty of this duet in this tragic moment.
And the glorious and powerful Act III… the magnificent and joyful Polonaise which is one my all time favorites….. the gorgeous music and dancing was a joy for me to watch! And as everyone here know… the big moment was coming…. Stefan Kocan’s extraordinary performance as Gremin and his famous “Gremin’s aria” touched many hearts around the world!
(In a personal note which I’ll give more details later below in this post… here in my zone, in the Auditorium Mateo Herrera, the audience applauded so load to Stefan’s magnificent performance! Anna Netrebko, Peter Mattei an Alexey Dolgov also received applauses but not as much as Stefan Kocan! )
And Onegin’s aria in which he determines to write to Tatyana and declare his “love for her” is also priceless! And of course, the powerful ending… the duet of Onegin and Tatyana, which makes it one of the greatest endings ever!
I loved many versions of Eugene Onegin… but last Saturday’s performance is one of the greatest ever!
Anna Netrebko as Tatyana… Anna once again gave us an extraordinary Tatyana and her Letter aria was absolutely glorious, beautiful and so moving! I liked her so much in the 2013 version and I liked her even more now today! BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA Anna Netrebko!!!!!  Peter Mattei, what else can I say about Peter’s excellent Onegin? Peter Mattei always gives us different and rich consistent performances and I admire his versatility…. from singig Rossini, Puccini, Wagner… to Tchaikovsky. It is always a pleasure to watch and listen the beautiful voice of the always great Peter Mattei! His singing and also acting, specially in the final part was excellent! BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Peter Mattei!!!!
Alexey Dolgov, his Lensky was adorable and very moving… Lensky is one of my favorite roles for a Tenor and Alexey Dolgov did a mangnificent job portraying the tender and heartbreaking Lensky and his Kuda, Kuda was absolutely heartbreaking!!!
BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO, Alexey Dolgov!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larissa Diadkova and Elena Zaremba were also magnificent as Filippyevna and Madame Larina! BRAVI Larissa Diadkova and Elena Zaremba!!!!
Elena Maximova was also very good as Olga and I loved her singing so much! BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA Elena Maximova!!!  And finally, what else can I say about the extraordinary Stefan Kocan who was, again I say it… magnificent as Gremin! His Gremin broke me in tears completely and I was completely destroyed after his performance! My heart was jumping of joy watching Stefan’s terrific Gremin… it was 8 minutes of pure gold, that I wished that were longer…. The 7, 8 minutes of Stefan’s poetic singing of what true love is… “Lyubvi fse vozrastï pokornï” were the 8 most beautiful, golden moments ever!!!
I was completely destroyed and in tears of joy and happiness!
How can I express my happiness  after watching Stefan Kocan’s glorious performance!!!!  I couldn’t sleep that night after watching and listening to a singing and acting performance which is out of this world, Stefan Kocan as Prince Gremin. Stefan not only word, by word sang beautifully “Lyubvi fse vozrastï pokornï” but Stefan also acted the performance with beauty, dignity, elegance and wisdom  The way that looked and smiled and touched Tatyana while singing was the perfect definition of true beauty!
And I am not the only one, in my Auditorium in Leon, Mexico, many people in my audience were also impressed and applauded so load after Stefan’s glorious Gremin’s Aria! And I am very proud and happy to say that Stefan, here in Leon, Mexico (and by reading many other comments, in other parts of the world, was the one who received more applauses and BRAVO, over Anna, Peter and Alexey, which they were also great! And at the end of the performance… I listened to a group of ladies that expressed that “The Voice that they loved more was… the Husband of Tatyana” …..
Watching  Stefan s Gremin in the Live in HD of “Eugene Onegin” from the Met , was a true privilege for all of us…. Stefan Kocan as Gremin, gave us the lesson of what true love is.. and he made the difference of Onegin! We all are so fortunate to live in this era of Opera because Stefan Kocan is making this era, a new Golden Age of Opera!
BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO, Stefan Kocan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Maestro Robin Ticciati was also a joy for me to watch! I loved his conducting and he is a new treasure for the Opera world, I loved his interview and his passion and enthusiasm and love for what he does! The only bad thing is that his interview was a few minutes before the glorious Act III! I noticed that he had to rush quickly!  
And what else can I say about the glorius Met Opera Orchestra and the Glorius Met Opera Chorus? And also the Glorious Chorus made a huge important role in the development of the Opera… BRAVI Met Opera Orchestra, BRAVI , Met Opera Chorus!!! And BRAVO, Maestro Ticciati!
And I loved the interviews of Renee Fleming with her colleagues from “Der Rosenkavalier”, Elina Garanca and Günther Groissböck so much, I loved what she said about… nice to see you again so soon! (my memory is not good but something like that said ) and I loved the documentary of the Chandeliers so much and I also loved what Peter Gelb said about Placido Domingo… that he is indestructible!
Thank you Met Opera, for doing Eugene Onegin again… a lyric Opera full of beauty and wisdom…. with four characters that gives us lessons of life in different ways… Onegin, Tatyana, Lensky and Gremin. We all can learn from this characters and the consequences that they have, specially in Onegin and Lensky.
Eugene Onegin is a treasure of history of Opera… and I am so happy that many loved the new HD, even thought that many complained about it, a few months ago about having another HD of this timeless masterpiece.
Thank you, Tchaikovksy for bringing music to the novel in verse of Eugene Onegin!
(Here an image of the great Slovak Bass Štefan Kocán as Gremin in Eugene Onegin )



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