Modest Mussorgsky, Anniversary

Also today (actually yesterday) we celebrated the Birthday anniversary of one of the greatest composers ever of Russian music and Opera and also in March 28 we will commemorate his death anniversary.
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky.
Mussorgsky also gave so much beauty to this world.
Along with Cui, Balakirev, Rimsky-Korsakov and Borodin, Mussogsky was a member of the famous group of “Five” or “The Mighty Handful” in which they all worked together to create great classical Russian Music. (Ironically, the most world wide famous and most beloved Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, was not a member of the famous group.)
Among the most famouse musical works of Mussorgsky are of couse, his piano suite “Pictures at an Exhibition” (in which later Maurice Ravel made the very famous Orchestral arrangement in which we listen today in many concert halls) and also his very famous orchestral tone poem “Night on Bald Mountain”
(and yes I confess and admit it , the first time I listen to “Night on a Bald Mountain” was with Disney’s “Fantasia” when I was a Kid, Lol!) but the jewel of the crown of Mussorgsky’s works is his masterpiece, the opera “Boris Godunov” which is not only one of the greatest Operas of history of Russian Opera but of all Opera and it is my favorite Russian Opera, along with Eugene Onegin.
(Both Operas based on Pushkin’s works, in which for many, Pushkin is the literary “Father of Russian Opera”)
“Boris Godunov” is one of the most complex operas ever and I have to say, almost Shakespearean and a true challenge for the Bass Opera singer to perform this difficult and very complex role of the Tsar Boris Godunov.
(NOTE: Boris Godunov has two versions, the original 1869 version and later the revised version of 1872, both versions are very worth to watch and listen and just like Verdi’s Don Carlo, it had many cuts, revisions, etc)
Another great Opera by Mussorgsky that I love is “Khovanshchina” (The opera was unfinished because of Mussorgsky’s early death and Rimsky-Korsakov had to complete it, just exactly like he did with Borodin’s “Prince Igor”)
And another treasure of true poetic beauty that Mussorgsky gave to the world are his poetic “Songs of Dance and Death”, an extraordinary Song Cycle for Bass Singers, based on poems by poems by Arseny Golenishchev-Kutuzov.
The Songs of Dance and Death by Mussorgsky are a true masterpiece of the history of world Song Cycles, full of rich beauty and poetry.
(I am sharing here my favorite recordings of Mussorgsky’s brilliant Song Cycles with my favorite Bass, Stefan Kocan  )
Down below I will share my favorite performances of Mussogsky’s masterpieces )

Image may contain: 1 person, beard (The Field Marshal, performed by Stefan Kocan, from Mussorgsky’s song cycles) (Trepak, performed by Stefan Kocan, from Mussorgksy’s song Cycle’s )
https:// (Serenade, performed by Stefan Kocan, from Mussorgsky’s song Cycles) (Lullaby, performed by Stefan Kocan, from Mussorgsky’s Song Cycles) (Boris Godonov, 1869 version) ( Boris Godunov 1872 revised version)
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