Johann Sebastian Bach Anniversary

March 21 (or in other biographies March 31) is the Birth Anniversary of one of the greatest geniuses of history of music, the father of music and one of my many musical heroes, Composer, Organist and musician….in other words, a true musical genius……Johann Sebastian Bach. What else can I say or add about Bach in which what many wonderful biographers already wrote? Johann Sebastian Bach was, is and always be one of the greatest true artists of history of music. His music, which in my opinion is glorious, marks a “before” and an “after” in history of music. When I listen to Bach, I always realize what a true musical artist is. I am always so excited and happy to share my love for music and for me, to share my love for Bach is pure happiness! I don’t have words to describe his Sacred music, Oratorios, orchestral music, cello suites, Organ compositions.. just to name a few…. the list is large…. and it would take me forever to name the many, many, many, many, many treasures that Bach left us. And also the Bach dinasty which enriched the history of musical life. No matter if is his glorious and monumental “St Matthew Passion” which is one of the greatest masterpieces of sacred music, his extraordinary “St John Passion”, his marvelous “Christmas Oratorio” (which I personally love so much and I highly recommend so much!), the beautiful “Mass in B minor”, the unforgettable “Brandenburg Concertos”, the cantatas, the beautiful The Goldberg Variations, his exquisite Cello suites (which are my all time favorite) his music is true poetic beauty and it is – universal – His organ works for me are like the Beethoven’s symphonies and Richard Strauss’ tone poems… unbeatable. Bach, along with Handel, Vivaldi and Corelli, is one my heroes of the history of Baroque music and I am more than happy to celebrate the Birthday Anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach (no matter if the official date is March 21 or March 31)
I am sharing here some of my favorite performances of many different works by Bach, with many wonderful conductors/musicans that dedicated their lives to the work and studies of Bach like Richter, Koopman, Harnoncourt, Gould and Gardiner )
Herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag, Johann Sebastian Bach!!!

Image may contain: 1 person, tree and outdoor ( Bach Six Cello Suites – Yo-Yo Ma, Performer ) (Bach, St Matthew Passion BWV 244. Karl Richter ( Bach St John Passion, Karl Richter )  (Goldberg Variations BWV 988 – Glenn Gould, 1981) (Bach: Perlman / Zukerman – Concerto for Two Violins BWV 1043 ) (Bach – Richter, Conciertos de Brandenburgo 1-6, BWV 1046-1051 ) (Christmas Oratorio, Christmas Oratorio [1-3] Harnoncourt ) (Christmas Oratorio Christmas Oratorio [4-6] Harnoncourt )
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