Happy Belated Birthday Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldy!

Today, well actually yesterday, February 3 was the Birthday anniversary of another of my musical heroes, the great Felix Mendelssohn.
Mendelssohn was one of the greatest and one of the finest geniuses that history of music ever had…. he was a pianist, conductor and composer and one of the most brilliant ever.
Felix Mendelssohn came from one of the most erudite families of Europe.
His Grandfather was the Erudite Philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, one of the greatest Erudites of history of Europe and one of the most important figures of the Age of Enlightenment in Germany.
(I remember in the wonderful cultural radio programs of Ernesto de la Peña how much he loved to talk about the wonderful and erudite Mendelssohn dinasty)
Felix’s sister, Fanny, was also a composer and also very high cultivated.
Like Mozart and also Camille Saint Saens and George Enescu, Mendelssohn was also a child prodigy and he and his sister Fanny received an excellent education in music, literature, languages, science, etc, and both grew up in a very important intellectual environment. (Mendelssohn knew and met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) Mendelssohn was deeply influenced by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach (In which later, Mendelssohn himself conducted and revived Bach’s “St Matthew Passion”) Besides of Bach, Mendelssohn also revived the music of Schubert.
My introduction to Mendelssohn’s beautiful music was with his beautiful overture of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, my first thoughts about the overture of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” were, “this is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard”! in which later I listened to the entire incidental music in a beautiful concert with the “OFUNAM” (The principal orchestra of the National University of Mexico) and I later I loved his beautiful Violin Concerto, his wonderful symphonies, specially his Symphony No. 4 in A major “Italiana”. And of course, one of my all time favorite Oratorios is “Elijah” . The Hebrides Overture is also another favorite that I love and I also highly recommend to listen to his marvelous Piano Concertos which are a treasure.
(I also highly recommend to listen to the beautiful Concerto for 2 pianos in E major)
Trivia: The Mendelssohn connection to Mexico, the famous “Piatti Stradivarius Cello” that now belongs to Mexican Cellist Carlos Prieto, once belong to one of Mendelssohn’s descendents, Francesco Mendelssohn (In which Francesco rescued the “Piatti Cello” of being destroyed by the Nazis.
Happy Birthday, Herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag, Felix Mendelssohn!












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