Happy Birthday, Franz Peter Schubert!

On this day, January 31 but in 1797, one of the greatest composers ever, and another of my musical heroes was born, Franz Peter Schubert!
Franz Peter Schubert is one of my favorites of the German romantic period. I absolutely love Schubert’s brilliant work, specially his beautiful Lieder, which are of pure exquisite beauty, his marvelous symphonies, which are absolutely brilliant, his Impromptus which are of pure beauty. Schubert’s Lieder are treasure for me, I have no words to describe the beauty of Schubert’s Lieder, Schubert gave the perfect marriage between the beauty of the German literature and music with the song cycles based on Wilhelm Müller’s poems, Die schöne Müllerin and Winterreise which are the greatest treasures of history of humanity in which there are a perfect definition of music, drama and poetry. Schubert’s music to Goethe’s “Erlkönig” is also one of my favorites.
His symphonies are also brilliant and Schubert’s Impromptus are also a treasure for humanity and I don’t have enough words to describe the beauty of Franz Schubert’s Impromptus. I can not forget the marvelous String quartets by Schubert, specially, String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, better known as Death and the Maiden (“Der Tod und das Mädchen) which is my all time favorite and everytime I listen to it, it gives me goosebumps! And of course, as an opera lover, I can not forget his Operas… specially “Fierrabras” and “Alfonso und Estrella”. Oh my yes, Schubert is another hero for me and his music is always in my heart, his Lieder, Impromptus, his string quartets, his symphonies and more always give joy to my heart! Herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag, Franz Peter Schubert!












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