The beautiful HD broadcast of Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette!

OH MY!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!! I was in pure tears at the end of the HD!!!
I am still in paradise and heaven after last Saturday’s beautiful, wonderful HD broadcast of Roméo et Juliette!!!!!!
The updated 18 century set stage was absolutely gorgeous, it really made me feel that I was in the Capulet’s Palace! The costumes were so beautiful, and the singing, oh my that glorious singing, both from the principal artists and by the chorus, were glorious!
Oh Vittorio and Diana!!! What can I say? Vittorio was absolutely magnificent, perfect as Romeo, with excellent singing technique, acting and presence, Vittorio is getting greater and better and better in recent performances. He is one of my favorites, specially as Hoffmann and now.. he was born to Perform Romeo! And what a Romeo…
I enjoyed everything from yesterday’s performance, the chorus, the set, the costumes, all singers were terrific!!! Diana Damrau was absolutely beautiful and wonderful as Juliette! Her “Je veux Vivre” was absoutely beautiful!!! Her acting and her beautiful singing was one of the greatest ever and I absolutely loved her! And her final poison aria was also absolutely magnificent! Diana Damrau was not Diana…. she became JULIETTE! BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA Diana Damrau!!!!!!
Vittorio… oh my, he was born to be Romeo, so adorable, charming, so dramatic…. he sang and performed the role in perfection, both in acting and singing…. the moments when Vittorio started to climb up the wall to Juliette’s balcony, I was saying to myself… OH MY!!!!! Vittorio, in this performance was not Vittorio Grigolo…. he was ROMEO!!!!! His energy, his excellent, beautiful singing, his stage presence… all… OH MY!!!! BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Vittorio Grigolo!!!! ❤ 
The fabulous Elliot Madore was super terrific as Mercutio and his singing and performance was absolutely magnificent and the huge applauses that he received at the end was very well deserved! BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Elliot Madore!!! I want to give a very special mention for my compatriot, Mexican Tenor David Silva, who made his MET debut as Tybalt and he was also excellent! I wish more success and a wonderful future for Diego Silva and more wonderful performances at the Met and other international Opera Houses for the Future! BRAVO BRAVISSIMO, David Silva!!!  (Here in Mexico, we all were very proud of him with his performance as Tybalt) Mikhail Petrenko was also wonderful as Frère Laurent, it was a pleasure to see Mikhail Petrenko again and he did a beautiful job singing as Frère Laurent. BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Mikhail Petrenko!!!  Virginie Verrez was also absolutely brilliant as Stéphano and her singing was absolutely beautiful and she was a show stealer in her brilliant moment! BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA Virginie Verrez!!!!! And I also have to say that bass-baritone Laurent Naouri was absolutely excellent and perfect as Lord Capulet! BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Laurent Naouri!!!!! The moment that broke me and gave me many goosebumps was in the tragic moment with the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt and the extraordinary performance and singing by Vittorio and the dramatic singing from the Chorus at the same time was one of the greatest moments ever in the history of the HD’s performances! I absolutely loved that moment! Vittorio’s terrific performance and the chorus and the strong moments of the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt was absolutely pure perfection of drama and music in Opera!
And the glorious MET Opera Chorus shined again in this beautiful performance. BRAVI, Met Opera Chorus! (Y) (Y) (Y) And of course, BRAVI to the always extraordinary Met Opera Orchestra and BRAVO to the great Maestro Noseda for giving us one of the most beautiful performances ever! And again… a huge BRAVI to Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo, both had an excellent chemistry and Vittorio’s and Diana’s “Nuit d’hyménée” was absolutely heartbreaking!
I absolutely loved Ailyn Perez who was wonderful as the host!
And yes, I cried at the final moments when Romeo and Juliette died together and when the final musical moments stoped and the lights from the stage turned off, in that moment, I was broken.
Now, a personal note…. From Ovid’s Metamorphoses, “Pyramus and Thisbe”…….. to Bernstein’s “West side Story”…. the story of the forbbiden love of two tragic lovers that belong to two families in war, will always make an impact in all people around the world… hoping to give a lesson to humanity that hate and rivalry is an illness to the human heart. I hope that this classic, tragic story (from different all kinds of literature and myths and plays and operas and even from an old legend of Guanajuato) will give a REAL lesson to humanity, that love is stronger than hate.
And again, a special congratulations, Felicidades to Mexican Tenor Diego Silva as Tybalt, we were very proud of him, here in Mexico and we wish him more wonderful performances and success for the future!
And, Thank you Met Opera for doing Romeo et Juliette with this new beautiful production!
A big congratulations to Bartlett Sher for the beautiful production, to set Designer Michael Yeargan and costume designer Catherine Zuber and of course, BRAVI to Vittorio Grigolo, Diana Damrau, Elliot Madore, Diego Silva, Laurent Naouri, Mikhail Petrenko, Virginie Verrez, the glorious Met opera Chorus, the always magnificent Met Opera orchestra and Maestro Noseda for this beautiful performance!

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