Happy Birthday to two icons of the Opera, Marilyn Horne and Juan Diego Florez!

In this week, we celebrated the birthdays of two icons of the history of Opera, from two generations and that both of them made enriched the lives of many opera loves with their beautiful voices, and as a coincidence, both of them of Bel Canto and specially in the Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini repertoire and that is why I am making this tribute Birthday post to both marvelous Bel canto singers, Marilyn Horne, on January 16  and Juan Diego Florez on January 13, two extraordinary Opera singers from two different generations which made Bel Canto  singing to have the respect and dignity that not many Opera lovers had.

Marilyn Horne and Juan Diego Florez.

Marilyn Horne turned 83 years today and she is a jewel, a treasure of history of Opera.

Marilyn Horne is true living legend of the Opera….
One of the most beautiful voices ever, Marilyn Horne is one of my personal favorites, specially in the Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini repertoire!!!
Marilyn Horne is also associated with the unforgettable opera duets with the also legendary Joan Sutherland.
Her Carmen, with James McCracken is also a jewel of history of Opera!
Another of my favorites is the extraordinary Verdi’s Requiem with Marilyn Horne, Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti and Martti Talvela and with the great Sir Georg Solti conducting.
Many of Marilyn Horne´s performances are a true treasure for the opera lovers!

HAPPY 83 Birthday, Marilyn Horne!!!!


¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Happy Birthday to one of our all time favorites, one of the greatest of Bel Canto singing! One of the most beloved Tenors of these days! A True Treasure of the Opera!!!!
The wonderful and always marvelous Juan Diego Florez!!!!!
What would be Bel Canto today without Juan Diego?
Il Barbiere di Siviglia, La Cenerentola, L’Italiana in Algeri, “La fille du Regiment”, “La Donna del Lago”, “La Sonnabula” (in which Juan Diego performed today on his Birthday!) so many wonderful performances!!!
And Juan Diego… please com back soon again at the Met!
We miss you at the Met!!!!


Resultado de imagen para Juan Diego Florez
Resultado de imagen para Rossini Birthday
Marilyn Horne and Samuel Ramey “duo” in Rossini’s “Semiramide”


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