Nabucco, the first Met in HD of 2017

Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate……..

OH MY!!!!!! What a glorious first HD broadcast of 2017!!!!! I absolutely LOVED the HD of Nabucco with Placido Domingo!!!!! It was GLORIOUS!!!! What a magnificent, glorious, wonderful way to begin this new 2017 than with Verdi’s first masterpice!!! I have so many things to say about yesterday’s HD broadcast of Nabucco!!! I was and still so excited!!!! This HD broadcast of Nabucco is historical  because for many reasons…. because we saw two living legends of the Opera in this performance… Placido Domingo and Maestro James Levine. The first thing that I have to say is that… the glorious chorus of Va, Pensiero made me cry…. and the extraordinary encore made me cry even more…. I had lots of goosebumps while watching and listening to the glorious “Va, pensiero” chorus…. there are no words to describe the beauty, the poetry of that moment… in the moment when, after the Abigaille and Nabucco duet-discussion ended… and the stage turned dark and right and when the stage began to rotate… and when the first notes of “Va, pensiero” started… and suddenly the lights turn on and we all were watching the chorus…singing “Va, Pensiero” oh my!!!! There are no words to describe that moment!!!! It was magic!!! I have seen many versions of “Nabucco” which when the Va, pensiero Chorus moment always makes me cry… but this time.. in this Met in HD version… oh my!!! I had so many goosebumps!!! The entire auditorium was in silence and at the end… we all applauded like crazy! And right in the moment, during the applauses for the “Va, Pensiero” chorus, the camera focused on Maestro Levine’s face…. I said to myself… he is going to do it! He is going to do the encore!!!! And it happened!!! And all of us, in the auditorium applauded more after the glorious encore!!! This was one of these moments that makes Opera so glorious and that I will never forget! It was a huge joy for me to watch dear Maestro James Levine conducting!!! What a joy to see our beloved Maestro Levine conducting and with such happiness on his face! I noticed his smile and joy on his face while he was conducting!!! And of course, what made this HD of “Nabucco” glorious was…. our dear Placido Domingo who is a true TREASURE of Opera! Yes, I attended to this Nabucco performance with the idea that I was not going to listen to a Baritone…. the reason why I went to see this performance of Nabucco was because Placido Domingo was in it… and he is an icon, a symbol of history of Opera. In the same level of Enrico Caruso and Maria Callas. Placido Domingo changed the history of Opera for better because of his extraordinary singing and acting performances… Placido has showed us that Opera is not only about singing but is also about acting. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I went to see “Nabucco” for Placido because he is a treasure and I felt privileged of watching a living legend of the Opera like Placido in this new HD performance… I think that all of us are so lucky and fortunate to have a treasure like Placido Domingo! Placido is not a baritone, he is not a conductor, he is not a tenor….. Placido is PLACIDO DOMINGO!!!!! We must never forget ever, that Placido Domingo has done a lot of wonderful things for the Opera world, with the Operalia competitions, supporting new talents, supporting Opera all over the world… Placido has a natural love and passion for Opera and he loves what he does and that is the reason why he still loves to perform. Placido is an international treasure and an extraordinary human being who not only has one of the most glorious voices ever and one of the most extraordinary acting talents but also one of the greatest humanitarians ever and with one of the most beautiful smiles ever. I will never, ever forget what Placido did for Mexico in the earthquake of 1985. Another thing that I admired was his incredible physical quality! How I wish, when I get to have 76, the actual age of Placido, to be like that! And in this performance as the title role of Nabucco, Placido, yes even with his beautiful Tenor voice, he became Nabucco! (Just like in Simon Boccanegra) Yes, we had other wonderful Nabuccos like Leo Nucci, Zeljko Lucic, Sherrill Milnes, etc… but Placido made it special in this performance! BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO PLACIDO DOMINGO!!!!!!!!! Another thing that I must mention was that our Auditorium Mateo Herrera was completely sold out!!!!! And yes, because it was “Nabucco” and it had Placido Domingo and Placido… as I already mentioned before… is very loved here in Mexico. Placido Domingo is very special for all us here. Also, a very special mention for the magnificent Liudmyla Monastyrska who was brilliant in the killer role of Abigaille!!!! BRAVA BRAVISSIMA Monastyrska!!!! And also the always wonderful Jamie Barton as Fenena, Russell Thomas who was super excellent as Ismaele (This is a wonderful Tenor to watch out in the future! He was absolutely wonderful!) and Dmitry Belosselskiy as Zaccaria were also terrific!!! BRAVI, Jamie Barton, Russell Thomas and Dmitry Belosselskiy!!!!!!!!! And of course…..a Huge BRAVI to the glorious MET Opera Chorus in which in this performance (and also in Guillaume Tell) they shined more than ever!!! BRAVI MET Opera Chorus!!!!!! BRAVI to the glorious MET Opera Orchestra!!!!! And of course…. BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO to our beloved Maestro James Levine who we will always treasure as our most beloved conductor of the MET of these last 30 years. And of course…. BRAVI to Jay Millard and his wonderful camera team who did an excellent job, as always in the first HD of the year!!! And thank you, Met for broadcasting Nabucco. It is a performance that I will never ever forget!!! And I also enjoyed the interview of Peter Gelb with Placido and Maestro Levine and the preview for Romeo et Juliette And all dear friends.. I highly recommend you all to see the encore performance this Wednesday! It is an experience that you will never forget!!! And get ready for the Va, pensiero chorus!! It will make you cry like never before!!!  

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