Remembering George Michael (1963-2016)

2016 was a terrible, horrible year for the world of music….. 2016 is probably the worst year for the music world in modern music. In this year, the music lost so many wonderful singers and musicians of all different kinds of music genre, we lost so many voices in this awful year…. In the Opera, we lost Johan Botha, Daniela Dessi and John del Carlo… in international music…. we lost
Natalie Cole,  David Bowie,  Marni Nixon (The ghost singer for Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood and Deborah Kerr) Prince and the great Leonard Cohen. In Mexico and Latin America, we lost Juan Gabriel (Mexico’s most beloved singer-composer) and now….. On Christmas Day the world of music lost George Michael at age 53.
Wake me up before you go-go (I liked to dance with that song when I was a kid ) , Freedom, Last Christmas, Careless Whisper, so many songs… one of my personal favorites was “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”, in my opinion, one of the best song duets ever in modern music, with Elton John and George Michael of course.
George Michael had a beautiful, unique voice, and he was my favorite voice in modern music along with the voice of Freddy Mercury.
But besides of his songs and beautiful voice…George Michael was also a wonderful humanitarian.
Thank you, George Michael, for your beautiful voice and the many joys that you gave to the world with your songs.
Rest in peace, George Michael. We will never forget you


Resultado de imagen para George Michael
Resultado de imagen para George Michael
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