Eduardo Lizalde, winner of the Carlos Fuentes Award!


I am very happy to announce that Mexican poet, Eduardo Lizalde, won the Carlos Fuentes Award!

Eduardo Lizalde, known affectionately  as “The Tiger” (because he mentions the Tiger in many of his works, just like Kipling, Borges and Salgari) just won the “Carlos Fuentes International award for Literature!

The “Carlos Fuentes” Award was created in memory of late novelist Carlos Fuentes, who was one of the greatest and most beloved writers of Mexico, who passed away on May 15, 2012 at age 83.

It is important to mention that Eduardo Lizalde became the first Mexican to win this award, since it was created recently in 2012, some months later after the passing of Carlos Fuentes.

The first winner of this award was the Nobel Prize in Literature 2010, Mario Vargas Llosa (From Perú), the second winner was writer Sergio Ramírez (From Nicaragua) and now in this year, Eduardo Lizalde became the first Mexican to win this award, in memory of Carlos Fuentes.

Eduardo Lizalde is considered one of the most important poets of Mexico, one of his most important works is “The Third Tenochtitlan”, which I highly recommend very much and besides of his beautiful poetry, Eduardo Lizalde is also an Opera Lover,  he has a huge knowledge of Operas, composers and Opera artists and he event wrote his chronicles of Opera in “The Opera of Yesterday, The Opera of Today and the Opera of Tomorrow”.

Eduardo Lizalde had, along with his beloved friend and also the very erudite Ernesto de la Peña (1927-2012) the famous tv program “Operamania” in which both talked about many things about the history of Opera.

Congratulations, Muchas Felicidades Eduardo Lizalde for winning the “Carlos Fuentes Award”!

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