Tristan und Isolde, Live from the MET in HD

5 Hours of GLORIOUS music!!!!! The HD broadcast of Wagner’s masterpiece “Tristan und Isolde” was absolutely wonderful!!! And I am still in heaven! I can not still recover of the strong, musical emotion that I had from the HD performance! There are no words to describe the intense beauty of the entire performance!
Nina Stemme, Stuart Skelton, René Pape, Ekaterina Gubanova and Evgeny Nikitin were absolutely terrific!!!
Nina Stemme was absolutely incredible as Isolde and her Liebestod was one of the most heartbreaking and most beautifully ever. Along with Birgit Nilsson and Kisten Flagstad, Nina Stemme’s Isolde will be remembered for Wagnerian and Opera lovers in future decades!
BRAVA, BRAVISSIMA, Nina Stemme!!!!
Stuart Skelton did a terrific job as Tristan, excellent and with dignity, Stuart Skelton gave us an unforgettable Tristan and we were very lucky to have him as Tristan for these year’s performances!
BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Stuart Skelton!!!
Once again, René Pape was terrific as King Marke! I consider King Marke’s monologue as one of the most beautiful and most moving moments of “Tristan und Isolde” and René performed this moment perfectly! BRAVO BRAVISSIMO, René Pape!!!
The beautiful and lovely Ekaterina Gubanova was absolutely marvelous as Brangäne and Evgeny Nikitin was absolutely wonderful as Kurwenal! BRAVI Ekaterina and Evgeny!!!!
And of course, the music, the gorgeous, intense, beautiful, powerful and poetical music by Wagner, performed by the extraordinary MET Opera Orchestra was absolutely beautiful and amazing! BRAVI Met Opera Orchestra!!!
A special mention for English Horn Pedro Diaz, who made a beautiful performance with the English Horn solo, during the act III!
And of course, I can not finish this post without mentioning Maestro Sir Simon Rattle, his conducting was one of the greatest ever and only a true, excellent conductor, who knows very well the works of Wagner, can give us the most beautiful performance like Sir Simon Rattle did. BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Maestro Rattle!!!!
I absolutely loved this production by Mariusz Treliński, it was very faithful and so true to Wagner and Schopenhauer!
BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO Mariusz Treliński!!!!
This recent HD broadcast of “Tristan und Isolde” is now in my list of favorite opening performances, along with last year’s “Il Trovatore” and the two years ago with”Macbeth”!
By the end of this performance, I was completely in tears. I was crying like a river! When the performance was over and the lights were on… I was like Oh MY!  (I had to clean my face quickly, Yikes! 😉 ) The music, the singing, the entire performance broke me, destroyed me completely. It remembered me why I love Opera so much!
Tristan und Isolde is the perfect example why the link of music with the words is very important. Tristan und Isolde is a very important profound work of art and this last performance left me totally drained!
This was a magnificent way, to start this new HD season of the MET! Thank you Met Opera for doing “Tristan und Isolde”!

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