Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize in Literature

Ok, here is the question of the day… and the week, and probably of the month….. and oh my the Swedish Academy in this year was full of many surprises!
The recent Nobel Prize in Literature for Bob Dylan has caused controversy….
Many great authors won the Nobel Prize.. Thomas Mann, Octavio Paz, William Faulkner, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, John Steinbeck, Gabriel García Márquez, Albert Camus, George Bernard Shaw, Hermann Hesse, Samuel Beckett, Wisława Szymborska, Czeslaw Milosz, Rabindranath Tagore, Jean-Paul Sartre (Who refused the Nobel Prize), Boris Pasternak (who had to refuse the Nobel Prize in Literature but unlike Sartre, not on his own convictions) Günter Grass, José Saramago, T.S. Eliot (one of the many of Bob Dylan’s literary influences) and even Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.
But there are also many giants of Literarute that didn’t win it…. Leo Tolstoy didn’t win in the inaugural Nobel Prize for Literature in 1901. Alfonso Reyes, Anton Chekhov, Jorge Luis Borges, Henrik Ibsen, Marcel Proust, Carlos Fuentes, Franz Kafka, Vladimir Nabokov and James Joyce are other very famous writers that didn’t win the Nobel Prize.
(Also I would like to know what Philip Roth and Haruki Murakami are thinking now about the prize for Bob Dylan!)
I know very well many of the songs of Bob Dylan and that his songs have many literary influences (T.S. Eliot, Rimbaud, Allen Ginsberg, and Chekhov, to name a few) and that are deeply philosophical. I have said so many times about the huge importance of the marriage between music and the words, example… Wagner’s Operas (in this case, Richard Wagner would have been an interesting candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature!) and also Arrigo Boito’s and the operas of Mozart. Another important example… the German Lieder. (Art songs) and the songs of Russian literature.
The annoucement of Bob Dylan as winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature makes a triumph for the marriage of literature and music. In an article that I read from the New York times, it said that Sappho and Homer would approve. (And I agree) We have to remember the Greek lyric poems and also we have to remember that, the epic poems “The Illiad” and “The Odyssey” were transmitted orally, through speech or song.
British literary critic and scholar, Christopher Ricks (known as the British Harold Bloom), compared the song-poems of Bob Dylan to John Keats but the also respectful literary critic George Steiner didn’t agree on that.
In my own words… I am pleased with this annoucement but… I would have done like in the year 1904… in 1904, the award went to both José Echegaray y Eizaguirre and Frédéric Mistral, and it happened also in the years of 1917, 1966 and 1974, in which the Nobel Prize in Literature went to two authors…. In 1917 – Karl Gjellerup and Henrik Pontoppidan.
In 1966 – Shmuel Agnon and Nelly Sachs.
And in 1974 – Eyvind Johnson and Harry MartinsonIn.
This year, I would have done the same with Bob Dylan sharing the Nobel Prize in Literature along with another author (either Hurakami or Roth)

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