Remembering Patrice Chéreau

This last October 7, it was the third death anniversary of Film and Opera and Stage Director Patrice Chéreau .

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Patrice Chéreau was one of the greatest film Directors and also one of the best Opera Directors. With the death of Patrice Chéreau, the filmmaking of today is losing more and more the “high cultivated” directors. The film Directors of today are not as high cultivated like Patrice Chéreau was. (Just look at the example of the many “remakes of today and the lack of good, intelligent directors and also the lack of smart screenwriting)
Patrice Chéreau directed one of my favorite and greatest films of French cinema, “La Reine Margot” starring Isabelle Adjani BUT he also directed, the “then controversial” and now historical and acclaimed “Ring Cycle” at Bayreuth, with Pierre Boulez as conductor.  That brilliant “industrial revolution” Ring Cycle divided the audience but now in these days is marked as one of the greatest productions of Wagner’s Ring ever.
The last opera that Patrice Chéreau directed, was Strauss “Elektra” which we had the huge fortune of watching in the last season of the Met in HD with an extraordinary Nina Stemme in the title role.
This production of Elektra, just like the “industrial revolution” Ring Cycle, marked  “a before and an after” in the history of Opera productions, thanks to the brilliant directing of Patrice Chéreau.
The death of Patrice Chéreau, three years ago, marked a huge loss to the arts.
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