Viva Verdi!


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October 10 was a very special Birthday anniversary, because it was the birthday anniversary of one of the giants of the Opera….. Giuseppe Verdi!!!!
Giuseppe Verdi was born in October 10, 1813.
What would be the world of Opera be without the glorious music, beautiful melodies, extraordinary arias of Giuseppe Verdi?
Everytime we have a storm, I always think of the famous “Terzetto e tempesta” from Rigoletto and the famous Storm Chorus from “Otello”.
So many arias, duets… so many beautiful overtures. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without Verdi’s Operas.
“Bella Figlia dell’amore”, the most glorious quartet, “La Donne e Mobile” the most famous aria, Iago’s Credo, the most chilling aria ever, “Invano Alvaro” the most extraordinary tenor-baritone duet… along with Carlo and Rodrido’s “Dio, che nell’alma infondere”.
It is impossible not to cry when we listen to Desdemona’s final aria…the Willow Song.
Without Verdi, we wouldn’t celebrate every new year with the famous Brindisi “Libiamo” from La Traviata.
(Verdi gave us the greatest drinking songs with “Libiamo” from La Traviata, “Inaffia l’ugola!” from Otello and “Si colmi il calice” from Macbeth)
Verdi also gave us the most beautiful aria ever for a Baritone ” Il Balen del Suo Sorriso” and the most dramatic monologue for King Filippo “Ella giammai m’amò”.
Only a genius like Verdi could chills us with one of the most terrifying moments ever… with the confrontation of Il Grand Inquisitor and King Filippo.
And of course, thanks to Verdi, we have a Triumphal March.
And no one could impact us with so many extraordinary choruses like the “Anvil Chorus” of “Il Trovatore” and of course… the famous “Va, pensiero” from Nabucco which is known as the second “National Anthem” of Italy.
So many characters, so many fascinating operas… Verdi gave music and voice to many fascinating characters…. Rigoletto, Sparafucile, King Filippo, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banco, Otello, Iago, Desdemona, King Riccardo/Gustavo, Renato, Violetta, Alfredo, Leonora, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Aida, Radames, Ramfis, Falstaff, Don Carlo, Rodrigo, Elisabeta, Princess Eboli, Don Alvaro, Simon Boccanegra, Fiesco, so many characters!
The Shakespearan dramas, the Victor Hugo and Schiller plays are even more powerful in Opera, thanks to the intense beauty of Verdi’s music.
I can not finish this post without mentioning the powerful “Requiem”, which is one of the greatest masterpieces of sacred music.
Thank you, Giuseppe Verdi for your many, many wonderful extraordinary Operas.
VIVA VERDI!!!!!!!!!


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