Remembering Luciano Pavarotti

Remembering the extraordinary and unforgettable Luciano Pavarotti on his Birthday Anniversary. (October 12)

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Luciano Pavarotti made a huge impact on me when I was younger, I have many beautiful memories from my adolescence by listening to his glorious voice, both in his Opera performances and also in his famous solo concerts.
Luciano Pavarotti, also like Placido Domingo, was also a wonderful human being and he did many humanitarian works for many different causes, both for the United Nations and the Red Cross.
He was an United Nations Messenger of Peace and he used his fame for many powerful causes of the UN like extreme poverty, victims of war, HIV/AIDS, refugees and child rights.
And finally, Luciano Pavarotti introduced the Opera to all kind of different audiences. It is said that his famous outdoor concert at Hyde Park had a record attendance of 150,000 and it is also known that more of 500,000 persons attended to his very famous free concert at Central Park.
Definitely, Luciano Pavarotti had one of the most glorious voices of history of opera.
We will never forget you, Luciano Pavarotti.

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