Johan Botha (1965-2016)

2016 has been a tragic year for the world of music, we first lost David Bowie, later Prince, recenly Mexican singer-composer Juan Gabriel and now… Tenor Johan Botha.

Today the world lost one of the greatest, most glorious voices ever. Johan Botha.

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Johan Botha passed away, today, on September 8 of 2016. He was 51.

I was heartbroken and in tears when I read the news…. Johan Botha was one of my favorite voices.
The last time that I saw Maestro Botha, was in last year’s monumental “Tannhäuser” at the MET in HD, I never imagined that it was the last time that we were going to listen to his glorious voice.
I always loved him in many performances, specially in the Wagner operas and also in in Verdi, Richard Strauss and Puccini.
Maestro Botha performed in many Opera Houses, the MET, la Scala, The Opera State of Viena, the Royal Opera House, Bayreuth… among many.
The music, the world of Opera lost one of the greatest.

We will miss you so much. Thank you dear Maestro, for your many beautiful performances. You gave us so much joy and love to our hearts. We will never forget you and your beautiful voice will always be in our hearts.

Rest in Peace, dear Maestro Johan Botha, we will never forget you.


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