We miss you, Luciano Pavarotti

On September 6 of 2007, the world lost one of the greatest voices of history of Opera.  Luciano Pavarotti.

Many became fans of Luciano Pavarotti with his legendary Opera performances, others, with his famous solo concerts in Hyde Park and Central Park and his also famous Pavarotti and plus concerts from the Live from Lincoln Center specials, others, with the historical Three Tenors concerts, of course, many people identify the famous Tenor aria “Nessun Dorma” from “Turandot” with Pavarotti, and even the fans of pop music know him and remember him with love, because of his famous duets with famous Pop singers in the “Pavarotti and friends” concerts.
In other words, Luciano Pavarotti made Opera more closer to all kinds of audiences.
The Beautiful name of “Pavarotti” will always be remembered in the history of opera, just like the name of “Caruso”.
Pavarotti was one of my Grandma’s favorites
We will never forget you, Luciano Pavarott
We miss you very much.


Resultado de imagen para Luciano Pavarotti


Luciano Pavarotti’s greatest Opera Moments:



Luciano Pavarotti in Hyde Park:

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