Nikolaus Harnoncourt (1929-2016)


When I was first introduced to Nikolaus Harnoncourt, was in my childhood/teenager years, with Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, in one of those Christmas nights in which I always celebrated by listening to the most traditional music of that specific time of the year.  I don’t find the right words to describe what I felt in that moment of my sweet childhood when I listened for the first time to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and to Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s conducting.  It was absolutely magical and inspirational. The brilliance and passion in which Maestro Harnoncourt conducted Bach’s Christmas Oratorio made a huge impression on me that I became an admirer and a follower.   I own to Nikolaus Harnoncourt (and also Ton Koopman) for my appreciation for the brilliant music of Johann Sebastian Bach.     Nikolaus Harnoncourt had a very strong love and commitment for Baroque music, not only of Johann Sebastian Bach… but also for Claudio Monteverdi in which we remember the glorious recording of Monteverdi’s historical “L’Orfeo, known as the “the earliest surviving opera that is still regularly performed today.”:



Nikolaus Harnoncourt not only gave us the brilliant and marvelous recordings of Monteverdi and also of Bach’s Cantatas, Oratorios and Passions but also of Haydn and Beethoven’s symphonies and also Mozart’s Operas.  Many of these recordings are treasures for humanity and plus, he was also a guest conductor at the traditional Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Day two times, in 2001 and 2003.

Here are the marvelous videos of Maestro Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducting Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. The musical moment that turned me into an admirer.



And part two:



Here is the complete Opera of Mozart’s Così fan tutte with Maestro Harnoncourt conducting.




Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s recent passing is not only a huge loss for Baroque and Classical music but to ALL music in general.  Rest in peace Maestro Harnoncourt.




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