115 Death Anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi

Remembering the extraordinary Giuseppe Verdi on his death anniversary.

January 27th is a “bittersweet” day for music, in one side, we celebrate Mozart’s Birthday, in the other hand, we commemorate Verdi’s death anniversary.
What would be Opera be without Verdi’s brilliant music? Italy’s history wouldn’t be the same without the life and works of Verdi, without the haunting chorus like “Va, pensiero” from Nabucco, (and today, the world wouldn’t have the “Va, Pensiero” chorus to make protests in public!) we wouldn’t have a “celebrating brindis song” like the “Libiamo” from “La Traviata” to celebrate every New Year or a Birthday, we wouldn’t have a “Triumphal March” to celebrate a victory, people wouldn’t whistle to “La donne e mobile”, Victor Hugo’s “Le Roi S’ amuse” wouldn’t have music with “Rigoletto”, Otello, wouldn’t have a Storm chorus, King Philip wouldn’t have a beautiful and sad monologue, we wouldn’t have a brilliant “Terzetto” in the middle of a storm, many of the characters from literature wouldn’t have music to their voices, “to sing”…. “Triboulet”, “Saltabadil”, “Don Carlo”, “Macbeth”, “Lady Macbeth”, “Otello”; “Yago”, “Desdemona”, “Don Alvaro”, “Ernani”, “Il Grand Inquisitor” “Violetta” (Marguerite Gautier in the book) and more…
It would take a long post for me to name all my favorite Operas of Verdi, my favorite musical moments, my favorite performers and etc.
My life wouldn’t be the same without Verdi’s Operas.
I have many favorite musical moments from Verdi’s Operas that I want to share here… one of them, one of the scariest actually, and one of the most unforgettable, is the entrance of Il Grand Inquisitor in “Don Carlo”, never in my life I have listened to the most frightful music than in Don Carlo with the entrance of Il Grand Inquisitor! King Philip’s Monologue “Ella Giammai M’amò”, “O Carlo, ascolta” and ” Nel giardin del bello” also from his grand masterpiece, “Don Carlo” are also in a very important place in my heart. The “Terzetto”, from Rigoletto is, in my opinion, one of the greatest and most Electrifying moments of history of music, the same with the Storm Chorus of “Otello”, everytime I live a Thunderstorm, I always think and remember the “Terzetto” from Rigoletto and the Storm Chorus from “Otello”. The presentation of Sparafucile in Rigoletto is also one of my all time favorite musical moments. Cortigiani, vil razza dannata and Pietà, Signore also from Rigoletto is also in my list of my favorite moments of Verdi’s music because of its dramatic moments. Actually, the entire Opera of Rigoletto is one of the most amazing musical experiences that I have ever lived. Di Due Figli, Miserere, Il balen del suo sorriso and Di Quella Pira in “Il Trovatore” are also part of my favorite musical moments of Verdi.  Verdi changed the history of Opera (and also Wagner, of course!) and many of us wouldn’t know the many brilliant performances of many of our favorite Opera artists, without the life and works of Verdi.
And the same with the Opera Houses around the world, the Opera Houses wouldn’t have a lot of public without the works of Verdi.   I will share here the most famous and most moving chorus from a Verdi Opera… “Va, Pensiero”




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