Happy 260th Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

“Mozart was the Shakspeare of music; and as long as the immortal bard is read, Mozart will live in the admiration of mankind. He has reached the passions through the ear as Shakspeare did through the mind, and no works will live that do not touch the passions and the heart — they are the same in all ages, and will make Shakspeare and Mozart a poet and a composer – For all time -. The New-York Mirror”…

“Listening to Mozart, we cannot think of any possible improvement.”
George Szell.

“Mozart in his music was probably the most reasonable of the world’s great composers. It is the happy balance between flight and control, between sensibility and self-discipline, simplicity and sophistication of style that is his particular province… Mozart tapped once again the source from which all music flows, expressing himself with a spontaneity and refinement and breath-taking rightness that has never since been duplicated”.
– Aaron Copland

“Posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”…. Joseph Haydn

Happy 260th Birthday Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart! Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Mozart!

(Don Giovanni with Ruggero Raimondi)
(Le Nozze di Figaro with Hermann Prey, Kiri te Kanawa, Mirella Freni and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau)
(Don Giovanni with Peter Mattei, Bryn Terfel, Anna Netrebko and Stefan Kocan)
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