New Year’s Concert in Vienna, 2016

Today, I had the privilege of watching  the broadcast of the marvelous New Year’s Concert in Vienna 2016 under the baton of Maestro Mariss Jansons! For me a New Year Celebration is not complete without the marvelous and traditional concerts of New Year in Vienna with the glorious Vienna Philharmonic! What a wonderful way to start this year than listening to the glorious galopps, polkas and waltzes with the Vienna Philharmonic! And it is also delightful for me to watch the beautiful images of the Musikverein! We had many, many wonderful years of watching many beautiful and different concerts of this traditional New year’s Concert, with many different respected conductors, from legends like Willi Boskovsky, Lorin Maazel, Claudio Abbado, Carlos Kleiber and Herbert von Karajan (The new Year’s concert that Maestro Karajan gave in Vienna back in 1987, was one of his final concerts before his death) to Zubin Mehta, Georges Prêtre, Daniel Barenboim, Seiji Ozawa and recently Mariss Jansons.  The greatest highlight of this year’s concert, was that they made a very beautiful tribute to Mozart in the traditional New Year’s Concert.  At the end of the first part of the concert, they showed a film when Mozart (performed by an actor of course) comes back to life. The sound of a clock, with the most famous image of Mozart, was ringing with “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” and beautiful lights were everywhere in the room and then suddenly, Mozart comes back to life and he explores modern day Salzburg and all Austria with joy. In this short film we had the opportunity of watching the most beautiful views of Salzburg and the rest of the beautiful country of Austria. The musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic play different selections of Mozart’s works like the Clarinet Quintet in A major, K.581, the Queen of the Night Aria performed with Cellos! and the Don Giovanni overture. At the final part of the film, Mozart finishes his journey in modern day Salzburg and his soul dissapears at the end, infront of his most famous monument. I enjoyed it very much. I didn’t want that to end. I felt a little bit sad at that part.
The rest of the concert had many wonderful, beautiful moments, with humor, joy and the beautiful music of the Strauss dinasty.
We also had the joy of listening to the famous Vienna Boys Choir.  With the famous “Emperor Waltz” we watch the excellent ballet dancers dancing to this glorious waltz and at the end of the concert, as a tradition to every New Year’s Concert, we listened to the famous  and very beautiful “Blue Danube Waltz” (Almost a Second National Anthem) by Johann Strauss Jr, whose introduction is interrupted by applause of recognition and a New Year greeting from the Conductor and musicians to the audience and the also very famous “Radetzky March” by Johann Strauss Sr. (His most famous piece by the way)
The “Radetzky March”, is a marvelous way to end the concert with joy and applauses.  The “Radetzky March” is perfect to end this traditional concert because it has optimism and joy to begin every New Year.  It is a joy to watch the audience clapping to the “Radetzky March” and watching the conductor who is having fun, making directions to the public.
And now, this beautiful New Year’s Concert finished, as always with closing the majestic doors of the majestic  Musikverein, waiting, for the next year to listen to the next New Year’s Concert in which by the way, the famous Conductor Gustavo Dudamel will conduct for the first time.

Here down below, it’s one of my favorite New Year’s concerts, with Maestro Herbert von Karajan conducting. It is from 1987 and still a joy to watch:

Happy New Year to all!!!

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