Mozart, the genius that never died

Ars longa, vita brevis
Art is long, life is short.

Everytime when I think of this Latin quote from the aphorism by the Ancient Greek Hippocrates. I always think of Mozart.
and that is what is related to Mozart, yes, his life was indeed, short but his art, the wonderful art that Mozart gave to us, to humanity is still living among us, for eternity. the Spirit of Mozart is still living with us, with his Operas (which I love so much), Symphonies, Piano sonatas, Piano Concertos, the String Quartets and String Quintets, the Violin concertos, the chamber music and sacred music… all, just to name a “few” of Mozart’s grand, majestic work.
As we all know, today is the Death Anniversary of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart, who is one of my many musical heroes.
The world lost Mozart at a very early age (the same thing with Mendelssohn) and just imagine, if Mozart gave us so many masterpieces and died so young, many Mozarteans ask what If Mozart lived longer? I don’t know what to answer because in his brief life, Mozart gave us so many treasures, just like Beethoven. I don’t like to think of the question “What If”… I am just thankful for all the beautiful music that Mozart gave to humanity.

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