Ernesto de la Peña, the Mexican Pico della Mirandola

Yesterday, Nov 21th, was the Birthday anniversary of the most high cultivated man of Mexico, the extraordinary Ernesto de la Peña. He was a man who knew 33 languages, knew almost everything, history, Opera, music, languages, art, philosophy, Ernesto de la Peña was called “A Renaissance Man”. I learned so much from him and his books, he had a television program dedicated to Opera, “Operamania” and a special Radio program in which Ernesto talked all about literature, art history, languages, opera and music. It was a huge joy to listen to him on the radio, he talked about Victor Hugo, Rabelais, Octavio Paz, Verdi, Mozart, Wagner, Homer, Virgil, Dante, Cervantes, the classical and modern languages, Plato, Aristotle, Hipatia, Elizabeth Barret Browning and etc, etc. He was a treasure for Mexico and humanity.
For many he was the Mexican Pico della Mirandola.


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