Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize in Literature 2015

“for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time.”

Well, the time has come, we are back in October, the month that we always receive the big announcement of the new winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The time has arrived, today, Oct, 8th, 2015,  I received with joy the marvelous news, the announcement of Svetlana Alexievich as the Nobel Prize in Literature 2015.

But, just like many readers, I was wondering if Haruki Murakami was finally going to win the Nobel Prize, well, now we know that… it happened again.  (Murakami didn’t receive it and even in the social Networks people made some jokes naming Huraki Murakami the “Leonardo Dicapro of the Nobel Prize”. )

Well, let’s get back with this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature 2015, in which I received the news with joy and I will explain later why. Svetlana Alexievich is a Belarusian journalist and author who has covered the Chernobyl catastrophe, the Soviet war in Afghanistan and many other events related to the horrors of war and the dark side of human being.   In an interview that I read about Alexievich, 12 years ago, and that stuck in my head for a long time, she said these exact words and it is for reflection…. “How much of Humanity is in (Inside) the human beings”? And her own answer was…. “I come to realize that the human beings have little of humanity, just a little layer of humanity but we must defend and protect that little layer of humanity in these times of horrors”….

Through her books, Svetlana Alexievich builded a mosaic of the Russian culture in the XX Century, World War II, the  invasion to Afghanistan,  the Fall of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, just to name a few.

“It gets me sad to know that my books are still Actual because it means that nothing has changed, I wrote my books for the reason to not to have more wars”…. this is what Svetlana Alexievich said in the 2003 interview.

More closer to Dostoievsky than Tosltoy, Svetlana Alexievich  has said that ““I’ve been searching for a literary method that would allow the closest possible approximation to real life. Reality has always attracted me like a magnet, it tortured and hypnotised me, I wanted to capture it on paper. So I immediately appropriated this genre of actual human voices and confessions, witness evidences and documents. This is how I hear and see the world – as a chorus of individual voices and a collage of everyday details. This is how my eye and ear function. In this way all my mental and emotional potential is realised to the full. In this way I can be simultaneously a writer, reporter, sociologist, psychologist and preacher.”

And one of her  inspirations as an author, was Belorusian writer Ales Adamovich, another extraordinary Belarusian author whom his works also had an antiwar humane  stance and his writings received translation into over 20 languages.

These are the most important books that all people should read of the new Nobel Prize in literature 2015….Svetlana Alexievich. Please, take note and write these list of titles for your next books to buy and read.

War’s Unwomanly Face

Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster

Zinky Boys: The Record of a Lost Soviet Generation

“I’m just trying to grasp a piece of reality and tell who we are and where we are going.” —-   Svetlana Alexiyevich

Congratulations  Svetlana Alexiyevich, a very courageous, intelligent woman who deserves all our respect, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2015!

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