Charles Dickens anniversary

On February 7th we celebrated the Birth Anniversary of one of the most celebrated writers of the Englsh language, Charles Dickens. Born in Porsthmouth, England, on February 7th in 1812,  Charles Dickens learned and knew, at a very early age, the cruelties of life. He had to leave school because his father was sent to jail, because of a debt problem.  Even thought that Charles Dickens didn’t receive too much education, he later became one of the most important writers of Great Britain with many short stories, 15 novels and newspaper articles. Under the pseudonym of Boz, “The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club” or better known as the “Pickwick Papers”, was the first novel of Charles Dickens. David Copperfield is the most autobiographical of his novels. A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Nicholas Nickleby are some of the most famous works of Charles Dickens and many of them have been adapted for theatrer and cinema countless of times. Did you Know? Acording to “The Guardian”, Ebenezer Scrooge, is the most popular Dickens character. This is the excellent web site from “The Guardian” dedicated to Charles Dickens on his 200th anniversary, back in 2012:   Long live Charles Dickens, his short stories, novels and novellas!

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