Ernesto de la Peña, the great Erudite of Mexico

This is a tribute to Ernesto de la Peña, one of the greatest men that my country, Mexico ever had and that my country, and also, the rest of the entire world will never have again.

Ernesto de la Peña was an extraordinary man, it was very rare to find a man like him, he knew, with perfection, 33 Languages, he knew about everthing, literature, religion, philosophy, Opera, Art, languages, etymology, and even food and wine.

Spanish (his Native language), French, German, Sanskrit, Italian, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Russian, English, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Japanese and Coptic  are just some of the 33 languages that he knew.

Ernesto de la Peña knew  Ancient, Classic and modern Languages at the same time.  He learned the Greek alphabet at the tender age of 6, at his grandfather’s library.

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