Remembering Robert Mitchum

On July 1 of 1997, Hollywood lost one of his greatest legends, Robert Mitchum.

Robert Mitchum was one of the best actors of the classic golden era of Hollywood and many of his most memorable roles are from great classic films like, “The Night of the Hunter”(probably his greatest performance), “Heaven Knows, Mr Allison”, “Cape of Fear”, “The Story of G.I. Joe”, “Crossfire”, “Out of the Past”, “River of no Return”, “The Enemy Below”, “Farewell, My Lovely”, “Midway” and “Ryan’s Daughter”.

Mitchum is regarded by critics as one of the finest actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Roger Ebert called him ‘the soul of film noir’.

In my opinion, Robert Mitchum should have won an Academy Award for “The Night of the Hunter”.
Remembering Robert Mitchum
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