Eli Wallach, in loving memory (1915-2014)

On June 25th (what a horrible date) of 2014, Hollywood, the cinema, the acting talent lost one of his greatest actors ever, Eli Wallach.





He was 98, almost 99 and one year to be 100.

He had a huge, very long career in movies, television and theater, his greatest passion.

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Godfather Part III”, “The Deep”, “Lord Jim”, “How to steal a Million”, “Baby Doll”, “How the West was Won”, “The Two Jakes”, “The Misfits”, “The Holiday” and “Wall Street 2, the city that never sleeps” were part of his very long and impressive filmography.


Eli Wallach received in 2010 an honorary Academy Award.

“The Ugly” has died. (those are the words that Eli Wallach wanted to be remembered)  Good bye Eli Wallach. Thank you for your extraordinary performances. We will never forget you.


The Magnificent Eli Wallach.
Rest in peace.



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