Gunnar Björnstrand, man of the month

Now we are in May 1 and now I am going to name the great Swedish actor Gunnar Björnstrand  as man of the month.

An image of Gunnar Björnstrand.


Gunnar Björnstrand was one of the greatest actors ever and he worked with Ingmar Bergman.

Gunnar Björnstrand  is the actor who made more films under the direction of Ingmar Bergman more than any other.

Very versatile in comedy and drama, Gunnar Björnstrand  gave many wonderful performances in such masterpiece films like “The Seventh Seal”, “Winter Light”, “The Magician”, “Shame” and “Through a Glass Darkly”.

Two images of Gunnar Björnstrand as Jons in
Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece, “The Seventh Seal”.


“Fanny and Alexander” was his final film.

His greatest performances, were, in my opinion, in “The Seventh Seal”, “Winter Light” and “Through a Glass Darkly”.


Two images of Gunnar Björnstrand in Ingmar Bergman’s “Winter Light”.

He was an actor’s actor.

After Robert Shaw, he is my second favorite actor.

Someone said that when Gunnar Björnstrand died in May 26th of 1986, that he was the last living”real” actor’s actor that the Art international cinema ever had. There will never be another actor like Gunnar Björnstrand again.

And now, Liv Ullman is the last “real” living actress that the world has.

A Tribute to Gunnar Björnstrand!

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