In Memoriam, 2013

Rubén Bonifáz Nuño,  Mexican Poet, philologist and
Translator.  Expert in Greek and Latin classics.
  José G. Moreno de Alba, Mexican writer
José María Pérez Gay, Mexican writer
Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa, Mexican Historian
Álvaro Mutis, Colombian-Mexican writer
Oralia Domínguez. Legendary Mexican Soprano.
Richard Briers, British actor
Richard Griffiths, British actor
Dennis Farina, American Actor
Joaquín Cordero, Mexican Actor
Carmen Montejo, Cuban-Mexican Actress
Enrique Lizalde, Mexican Actor
Sara Montiel, Spanish-Mexican singer-actress
Lou Reed, Legendary American Singer, musician and
Bigas Luna, Spanish Film Director
Soraya Jiménez, first Mexican woman to win a
Golden Medal at Olympic games, in Sydney 2000.
She died this year at age 35.
Patrice Chéreau, French Opera and Film Director
Doris Lessing, British writer (Nobel Prize of Literature 2007)
Gustavo García, Mexican Film Critic
Roger Ebert, American Film Critic
Ray Harryhausen, American Special effects genius
(From classic films like Jason and the Argonauts and
Clash of the Titans)
Paul Walker, American actor
Eleanor Parker, American actress
Joan Fontaine, legendary British-American actress
Annette Funicello, American actress, performer
James Gandolfini, American actor
Sir Colin Davis, British conductor
Peter O’Toole, Irish-British legendary actor
Nelson Mandela, human rights fighter,
philanthropist, anti-apartheid revolutionary
and South Africa’s first black President.
Descansen en Paz
Rest in Peace
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