Ludwig van Beethoven

December 16 or 17th is the birth anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven.


We are celebrating Beethoven’s birthday anniversary.

Along with Wolgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven is the greatest composer of classical music of all time.

His music was powerful, beautiful, strong, impressive.

I admire Beethoven’s music since I was very young.

Along with Bach and Brahms, Beethoven is considered as one of the three “Bs”.

I love all Beethoven’s symphonies,  his 5 Piano concertos, his 32 Piano Sonatas.  his 5 cello sonatas, his 16 string quartets, the 10 violin sonatas, his only Opera “Fidelio”.  His grand Missa Solemnis, the Coriolan Overture, the Egmont overture and the overture The Consecration of the House.  I just LOVE all of Beethoven’s music!

These are the magnificent actors that have portrayed Beethoven in films:
Gary Oldman in “Inmortal Beloved”
Ed Harris in “Copying Beethoven”
Ian Hart in “Eroica”
File:1999 bonn marktplatz beethoven.jpg
Beethoven’s monument in Bonn, Germany.
Long live Beethoven and his music!!!!
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