Happy 78th birthday, Woody Allen!

Today, December 1th, is the birthday of one of the greatest film directors of history of cinema, Woody Allen!


Woody Allen is an iconic Director, actor and writer of international cinema.

My favorite films of Woody Allen are: Hannah and her Sisters, Manhattan, Annie Hall, Everyone Says I love You, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Midnight in Paris, Sleeper, Love and Death, Play It Again, Sam, Radio Days,  Broadway Danny Rose,  Crimes and Misdemeanors, Zelig, Stardust Memories,  September,  The Purple Rose of Cairo,  Mighty Aphrodite, Bullets Over Broadway,  Take the Money and Run , Small Time Crooks, Interiors and Hollywood Ending.



Critic Roger Ebert described Woody Allen as “a treasure of the cinema”.

Woody Allen is often identified as part of the New Hollywood wave of filmmakers of the mid-1960s to late ’70s.

Woody Allen often stars in his films, typically in the persona he developed as a standup.

Woody Allen was influenced by European art cinema, specially by Ingmar Bergman’s movies, Woody Allen’s idol.

Trivia: Woody Allen performs regularly as a jazz clarinetist at small venues in Manhattan.




Blue Jasmine, is Woody Allen’s latest film. It has excellent reviews from the critics.


Happy 78th Birthday Woody Allen!!!!

The entire world celebrates you and your wonderful films!


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