Verdi vs Wagner part 7, Great Basses: Ferruccio Furlanetto!

Verdi vs Wagner part 7:

Verdi 200. Wagner 200.

Now we are going to make a tribute to one of the greatest Italian basses of our time, Ferruccio Furlanetto!




Ferrucio Furlanetto is one of the best operatic basses of the Verdinian repertoire!




He is a true artist! He has an extraordinary, strong and powerful voice but at the same time he has an extraordinary acting talent.

In my opinion, Ferruccio Furlanetto is the greatest King Philipp II in Verdi’s “Don Carlo” in history of opera! When he performs ‘Ella giammai m’amò! in “Don Carlo”, you can see the “other side”,  “the human side”, “the sentiments” and “the fear” of the most powerful man of Spain,  he breaks your heart, you feel sympathy and sadness for “King Philip” at the same time.



I say it now and I will say it again, and many people agree with me, Ferruccio Furlanetto is the GREATEST and BEST King Philip in history of Opera!





But not only that, Ferruccio Furlanetto is also, in my opinion, the greatest Jacopo Fiesco in Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra” in history of opera!

His voice is amazing, impressive, it’s powerful and dark, in a very beautiful way, bass operatic voice!


Here, a picture of Ferruccio Furlanetto in Verdi’s “Ernani”.


And as an actor, he is extraordinary, when you see Ferruccio Furlanetto in a Verdi Opera, “Don Carlo”, “Simon Boccanegra”, “I Vespri Siciliani”,  “Ernani” and “Rigoletto”,  you don’t see “Ferruccio Furlanetto, the opera star”, you see the CHARACTER!  You see “King Philipp”, “Jacopo Fiesco” and “Sparafucile”.

What I mean is that, he looks like a totally different person in each opera!


Here, Ferruccio Furlanetto, unrecognized as Sparafucile in Verdi’s “Rigoletto”.
Ferruccio Furlanetto, a TRUE ARTIST of the opera!
Giuseppe Verdi would have been very, very proud of him!!!
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