Robert Shaw, in loving Memory (1927-1978)

Today, August 28th, is the 35 death anniversary of Robert Shaw, one of the greatest actors of history of films.

Today we are going to remember Robert Shaw with love and respect.

Robert Shaw  was truely one of the most gifted actors of all time.
He was a huge Star and a great Character actor.  It’s very rare to see an actor that is both a great movie Star and a great character actor at the same time.
Only Robert Shaw.  There is no actor like him.  He was a scene stealer.
Robert Shaw was an actor’s actor in Stage theatrer, television and movies.
When you see “Jaws” you don’t see Robert Shaw the actor, you see “Quint”.
In his Indianapolis monologue you believe him speak, you look at him at his face, his eyes and yes, you truly believe him.   That’s what makes the film “Jaws” a true classic of cinema.
And what about “The Sting”,  you are really afraid of Doyle Lonnegan, the same as “Red” Grant in “From Russia with Love”.
And  also when you watch “The Taking of Pelham One, Two Three”, you are afraid of him, his performance in this original film is one of a kind and he has control of everything.  Robert Shaw’s performance in the original version of “The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three” has a huge impact on me and it didn’t happen the same way with the remake.
Robert Shaw, excellent as Quint in Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”.
Robert Shaw gave another excellent performance in “Black Sunday”.
Robert Shaw was also a very handsome Pirate!
And let’s not forget that Robert Shaw was also a writer, a very good, talented writer.
These are Robert Shaw’s writing credits:
The Hiding Place (1960)
The Sun Doctor (1961)
The Flag (1965)
Situation Hopeless… But Not Serious (1965) (screenplay adaptation of The Hiding Place)
The Man in the Glass Booth (1967)
The Man in the Glass Booth (1968) (play adaptation)
A Card from Morocco (1969)
Cato Street (1971) (play)
Robert Shaw (1927-1978)
On August 28th of 1978, the world lost one of the greatest actors and movie stars of all time.
Robert Shaw.
Robert Shaw, we will never forget you.  You were one of a king. The greatest!
Long live Robert Shaw!!!!
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1 Response to Robert Shaw, in loving Memory (1927-1978)

  1. Scott says:

    I remember seeing Jaws when I was 10 years old. The movie was so graphic and ahead of its time. It shocked me at that tender age, particularly the graphic death of the character ‘Quint.’

    But what struck me was when my dad, stepmother, and I were discussing the movie at a restaurant after seeing it. My dad had a look of respect on his face when he spoke of the unknown (to him) actor who played Quint: “That guy really did a good job; he stole the show”, my dad said while slowly nodding his head in reflection. I sensed the gravity in what he said because although my dad was never a big fan of actors, he’s very respectful of anyone doing exceptionally well at their craft. Thus was an impression left in my head about Robert Shaw that led to me wanting to know what else he’d done and what he was doing.

    So at a young age, Robert Shaw was my acting hero. I saw how he could so convincingly play a good guy or villain. I loved him in Jaws, The Sting, The Taking of Pelham 123, The Deep, and Swashbuckler. As a young guy, I felt that if I’d ever become an actor, I wanted to be like he was; a true master of the craft who just goes all out to become the character in every performance.

    He passed away much too soon and too young. But his performances will keep being played, showing future generations what a truly great actor’s performance looks like.

    Thank you for a great tribute to Mr.Shaw; it brings back fond memories. And thank you for posting the titles of his books. Now I’ve got to read those.

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