Robert Shaw – Man of the Month

This is my first post of August and the man of this month is the great late British actor and novelist, Robert Shaw.


Robert Shaw: An extraordinary Actor, for all Seasons.


Robert Shaw was born on August 9th of 1927 and passed away on August 28th of 1978.
Robert Shaw is remembered in many great film like “A Man for All Season” (in which Robert Shaw portrayed King Henry VIII and he got nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1966),  “From Russia with Love” (In which Robert Shaw was a fantastic Bond villain), the original version of “The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three”, “The Sting” (in which he portrayed the ruthless mobster Doyle Lonnegan), “Black Sunday”, “The Deep”, “Force 10 from Navarone”, “Swashbuckler”, “Battle of the Bulge” and of course, “Jaws”, in which Robert Shaw portrayed the shark hunter Quint.
In my opinion, Robert Shaw should have won an Oscar for his amazing performance as Quint in Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”.   And many people agree with me.
A Still of the great Robert Shaw as Quint in Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”.
Another picture of the wonderful Robert Shaw as Quint in “Jaws”.
A Picture of Robert Shaw as Doyle Lonnegan in “The Sting”.
Robert Shaw as Mr. Blue in “The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three”.
Robert Shaw as King Henry VIII in  “A Man for all Seasons”.
Robert Shaw in “From Russia with Love”.
In this month, and just like I did  it with Ingmar Bergman in July, I am going to dedicated it to Robert Shaw, his films, performances and books.
I hope that many Robert Shaw’s fans from around the world enjoy this tribute dedicated to him in this month.
Celebrating Robert Shaw, his books and films!
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