Happy Birthday Lang Lang!

“Pianist. Mentor. Lifelong Student. Traveler. I believe that classical music is for everyone!”   Lang Lang.

Today, June 14th, is the Birthday of one of the greatest Pianists of our times, Lang Lang!

Lang Lang is a Chinese Concert Pianist and he has performed in many countries of Europe, America and Asia.  He is the most famous Pianist of modern times.  He is a “superstar” of classical music!

Lang Lang is one of a kind.  I always get impressed when I watch Lang Lang playing the Piano.  It takes my breath away. He was born to play the Piano.

He plays the piano in a such a natural way,  he makes it look easy!

In other words, He has a total mastery of the piano.

No one can play Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody” the way like Lang Lang does it.

And what about when he plays Chopin? I have no words to describe when he plays Chopin’s “Polonaise”, it’s just impressive.

My Grandma loves Chopin and he just loves the way that Lang Lang plays Chopin.

One of my favorite concerts is when Lang Lang performed with the Vienna Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta in front of Schönbrunn Palace.

Lang Lang recently came to Mexico (part of his tour in Latin America) and he gave a wonderful concert! The People loved it!

The way that Lang Lang plays Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven is just incredible.

Happy 31th Birthday  Lang Lang!



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