R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013)

I want to dedicate this article to the legendary visual effects pioneer and stop-motion model animator Ray Harryhausen.

Ray Harryhausen was a man that brought magic to the silver screen. His visual effects were one of a kind.   He represented the beginning of the real fantasy era.  No one had ever seen anything like Ray Harryhausen’s special effects and his unforgettable monsters and creatures.

His special effects were in movies based on Greek Mythological and Arabian Nights stories.

The Allosaurus, Medusa, Cyclops,  Talos, the Army of Skeletons, Kali, the  Centaur, The Hydra, Bubo, Kraken, Pegasus and all the rest of fantastic monsters and creatures that Ray Harryhausen created for many different epic films are extraordinary and they made a huge impact in many generations of film lovers and these fantastic creatures are also in the hearts and minds of many people around the world.

My mom was a huge fan of his work and her all time favorite film was “Jason and the Argonauts”.  It made a huge impression on her since she was 6 years old.

Many people remember the impressive and extraordinary special effects of this fantastic film, the skeleton sword fight sequence, the Poseidon sequence and the Hydra just to name a few.

And we remember also “Clash of the Titans” with Laurence Olivier as Zeus.

Everyone, absolutely everyone remembers that scary “Medusa” and the lovely “Pegasus”, the “Kraken”,  Bubo,  the giant Scorpions, The Greek Gods and Goddesses.

The part of the Medusa is one of the scariest scenes that I have ever seen since I was a child!

And all film lovers also admire his Cyclops in “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”!

And talking again about “Jason and the Argonauts”, probably Ray Harryhausen’s best and most beloved film, Tom Hanks has said:

“Everybody thinks that ‘Citizen Kane’ was the greatest movie ever made. But if you were young in 1963, you know the real answer is: ‘Jason and the Argonauts.'”

Trivia: The great science fiction writer Ray Bradbury (who passed away last year) had a great friendship with Ray Harryhausen.

Rest in Peace Ray Harryhausen.

We will never forget you.  Your Art  will always be in our hearts forever!  You will always live in our hearts by watching your classic and unforgettable films, from the Sinbad movies and One Million Years B.C. to “Jason and the Argonauts” and “Clash of the Titans”,  your Art will live forever!




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