Celebrating 70th years of Sir John Eliot Gardiner!

On last April 20th of 2013, the extraordinary English conductor, Sir John Eliot Gardiner celebrated his 70th birthday!

The world of music and Opera is very happy to honor and celebrate Sir John Gardiner!

With an admirable career, Sir Eliot John Gardiner founded the Monteverdi Choir, the English Baroque Soloists and the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique.

We are very grateful with Sir John’s passion of conducting Baroque Music and we also admire his love for classical music of the 19th century!

His recording of many of Hector Berlioz’s works and Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies are wonderful.

And how can we forget the very interesting BBC historical drama film,”Eroica” with Ian Hart as Beethoven.  In that movie, Sir John conducted Beethoven’s “Eroica”  with the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique.

This BBC film tells the real story, when Beethoven’s Third Symphony, “Eroica”, was first played in Vienna in 1804.  And Sir John Eliot Gardiner was very important for this film.  He is a great expert on Beethoven.

I also admire his performances of Bach’s sacred Cantatas.

Happy 70th years of life, Sir John Eliot Gardiner!






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