A Tribute to Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev…

This year of 2013… we conmemorated the 20th anniversary of the death of dancer / choreographer Rudolf Nureyev.

Rudolph Nureyev would have turned 75 years on  March 17th of this year but sadly he passed away 20 years ago,  on January 6th of 1993.

In this article, I’m going to make a tribute to one of the greatest dancers of all times, Rudolf Nureyev.

He was one of the most celebrated dancers of the 20th century.

Rudolf Nureyev  not  only was one of the greatest dancers of classical ballet but he was also an extraordinary choreographer in witch he revised many  famous ballets,   specially the Marius Petipa’s choreographies.

He was the most important influence for the development of ballet.

We all remember his unforgettable version of “La Bayadere” in 1992.

He devised a new choreography for the ballet “Don Quixote”, after Marius Petipa and Alexandre Gorski.

I admire Nureyev’s choreography version for “Don Quixote”.

Rudolf Nureyev did a lot of extraordinary things for the world of Ballet and the new generation of dancers,  choreographers and the public will always be grateful  for what he did for classical ballet.

Bye for now Jacqueline



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