Julio Cortázar, Centenario

Hoy Martes, 26 de Agosto del 2014, de celebran los 100 años del Escritor Julio Cortázar.

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Robin Williams, forever in our hearts

On August 11th of this year, Hollywood and the entire world lost one his most beloved icons of international cinema, actor, comedian and Academy Award winner Robin Williams.

He was 63. For respect for his family, friends and for Robin William’s fans, I will not write about the reasons of his death, instead, I will make a tribute and remember him just like well all loved him, with his extraordinary acting talent and his love for helping others.

Robin Williams brought to us a lot of smiles and laughs and that’s how we all are going to remember him.

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Remembering Lauren Bacall

Now we are going to make a tribute to the wonderful Lauren Bacall, who passed away on August 12 of this year.

Lauren Bacall was one of the last Hollywood legends from the classic era.

“The Look”
The Queen of “Film Noir”.
One of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies.
Lauren Bacall’s “To Have & Have Not” doll.
Here, with Humphrey Bogart
Lauren Bacall was an icon, a Hollywood Classic, a legend and international cinema will miss her classy presence a lot. 
With a brilliant career of many classic films including the classic “Film noir” films like “The Big Sleep”, “Dark Passage”, and “Key Largo”, comedy films like  “How to Marry a Millionaire”,  “Designing Woman” and dramas like “Murder on Orient Express”, “Written on the Wind”, “Dogville”, “The Mirror has to Faces (In which she received her only Academy Award nomination) and also a Western, “The Shootist” with John Wayne, Lauren Bacall belong to a magical, glamorous era of Hollywood, her big love of her life, was, of course, Humphrey Bogart (who was 25 years older than her) and she belong in the same league of beautiful and distinguish classic ladies of cinema, along with Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and Rita Hayworth.
Farewell, Betty.
You are now again with Boogie.
We will never forget you.
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James Garner, in loving memory (1928-2014)

We want to make a tribute to the great James Garner, who passed away on 19th of July of this year.

Bret Maverick, from the famous wester tv show,”Maverick” was his most famous role.

Later, James Garner portrayed Jim Rockford in the detective drama series “The Rockford Files”.

Garnes also starred in many films like “Victor/Victoria”, “The Americanization of Emily” (Both films with Julie Andrews) “The Great Escape”, “Murphy’s Romance”, Clint Eastwood’s “Space Cowboys” and new generations loved James Garner in the now famous romance cult film, “The Notebook”, as the older version of Ryan Gosling’s character.

Some interesting trivia about James Garner:

James Garner supported Human rights and he supported Martin Luther King, Jr.

James Garner also had a huge love for sports like racing, golf and football.

A tribute to James Garner.
We will never forget you, James Garner.
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James Garner, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall

In these past weeks, Hollywood lost three great icons of international cinema, James Garner, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.

I will make a personal tribute to  James Garner, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, each one deserve their own personal, page tribute.




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Robert Shaw, a man for all seasons

Today, August 9th, would have been the birthday anniversary of the greatest actor that cinema ever had, the extraordinary Robert Shaw.

He was the greatest, best actor of the 60s and 70s.

No actor of today can compare to the magnificent Robert Shaw.

His unforgettable performances in such classic films like “007, From Russia with Love”, “A Man for all Seasons (in Which he received his only Oscar nomination for Best actor in a supporting role as King Henry VIII), The Sting, The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three, The Deep, Black Sunday, Force 10 from Navarone, Battle of the Bulge, The Hireling, Battle of Britain, Robin and Marian, Swashbuckler, Diamonds, Avalanche Express and of course, “Jaws”, were one of a kind.

The 60s and 70s were the greatest decades for cinema because cinema had the extraordinary Robert Shaw.

And cinema will never have an actor like him, never again.

My Favorite Bond villain in “From Russia with Love”.
And my favorite King Henry VIII!
Here, Robert Shaw gives the greatest speech of history of cinema and one of the all time great movie moments, Quint’s “Indiannapolis Speech” from Jaws:
When Robert Shaw died on August 28th of 1978, the world lost not only a magnificent actor, but also a wonderful writer.
Robert Shaw in his most famous role,
Quint in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.
Long live Robert Shaw!


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For the love for Art, please save the MET!

Today, July 31th of 2014 is a day that all of us, Opera lovers are extremely worried.

We are just a few hours to know if the Metropolitan Opera House of New York City, the most famous Opera House in the world to have a serious blockout that could affect the Arts, culture and economy of not only New York City but the entire United States.

Contract deadlines for 15 of the 16 unions at the Met in New York are set to expire at midnight tonight and it’s unclear to know if negotiations (right now, while I am writing in this blog, in this moment) between Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera and the Unions are reaching an agreement.

A lockout shutting down the Metropolitan Opera House (The world’s largest opera house) seems imminent and it would be catastrophic.

Imagine what would happen if the blockout starts today, at 12:00 AM, August 1th of 2014?

America would not only lose a fantastic new Opera season 2014-2015 (with new productions of classic titles like Le Nozze di Figaro, Pagliacci, Cavalleria Rusticana, The Merry Widow, Macbeth, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Bluebeard’s Castle, just to name a few) but it would affect the economy to the city, hotels and restaurants.  And also the lives of many great, hard working people, like the costume and makeup artists, the hard working people who light the sets, singers, dancers and musicians will be out of job.

Live without Art it would be like live without air, without breathing, without water.

Opera is the greatest of all Arts, literature, music, dance, theatrer, drama, all together and without it, it would be like, drinking an empty glass of wine (without the wine, of course) and life would not have any meaning at all.

The Arts, specially Opera is important for all of us, called, civilized human beings and without it, we will drown into darkness.  Music saves our lives and many wonderful operas (with their many wonderful and different stories) educate us, gives us lessons of humanity and philosophy. In Wagner’s brilliant Ring Cycle, we learn that even the Gods, like Wotan, make terrible decisions that cause many disasters for the future,  in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, we learn about the human soul, the good one, the noble one and the selfish one, a man who kills his best friend and denies his own happiness for selfish acts.  In Dvorak’s “Rusalka” we learn about the meaning of true love.  In Puccini’s La Boheme, we learn that a person is not poor if (in this case, Mimi) that person is surrounded by love and friends, even in the worst of times, in illness and death. In Verdi’s Otello, we feel the Shakespearean tragedy more real than in any film adaptation.  And there are more, Don Giovanni, Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Carlo, Elektra, Boris Godunov, Faust, Manon Lescaut, Les Troyens,  Pelléas et Mélisande,  Billy Budd and Der Fliegende Holländer just to name a few, those operas are vital for humanity. If the blockout starts today, it would be the second american tragedy after when many public schools cutted down the Fine Arts education.

Please, for the love of humanity… don’t let this happen!


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